Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A part of life

My latest digi scrap LO

(Credits: "Fairy Dreamer -8" by Katie Pertiet, "Thankful Brown 1" by Mel Johnson, "Botanist No7-2" by Katie Pertiet, "September Afternoon Alpha" by Meredith Fenwick, "Distressed diva distressed edge" by Trish Johnson, "On the edge flourishes3-6G" by Katie Pertiet, "A la Mode brushes" by Mary Ann Wise, "StickPinzRnTag" by Katie Pertiet, "Brownstitching by Katie Pertiet, Photo Mat by Linda Roos, Font Bickham Script, Century Gothic, Photo by Linda Roos)


  1. love the lo with your ww key ring! congrats, btw too with your success there! isn't ww the best? totally changed my life, too! :)

  2. I recognized that key ring; I too have one; I think my is like that but doesn't have the charm on it. mine was for 10% loss and I am struggling with the rest. Up 2 lbs. down 1; it has been like that for 2 months now. After looking at Noel's LO she did about WW, I decided I must get serious about the rest! Congratulations!!

  3. Noel, thank you! Yeah, I love my life after starting WW. I never want to go back to my before life. :D

    Susan, yeah, the charms come after. :) You get the key when you reach your goal weight and the star when you become a gold member (six classes after reaching goal). For each year you keep your weight you get another star. Obviously I only have the one since I reached my goal weight in September. Thank you!

  4. Love the b/w photo with the papers...very nice job.....oh didn't notice the ww key ring...GREAT JOB!!!!!! I am on that journey also...keep up the good work. Never thot to put my keyring and charms earned so far in a lo :)