Saturday, 12 January 2008

Something off the charts cool to learn

After getting the Nikon D80 our old Olympus E-10 has not been used one single time. I feel a little sad about letting it collect dust for the rest of all eternity since it's still a decent (allthough not fabulous anymore) camera. Today I remembered something I have been wanting to learn for the longest time and was so happy to see that the Olympus will do a much better job than our new bells and whistles camera.

You see I have had this link about IR photography stored in my favourites for years now. I love the look and the thought of me shooting beautiful art like that gets me all excited.

I think I will spend some time doing some more research on this and see if I can find some filters for dirt cheap so that I can start playing around some.


  1. Hi,
    Oh, if I could just capture yoru elegance!!

    Well, living in so many houses..., DH 7 I have been maried for 32 years. That is 17 residences in 33 years. DH use to be a contractor. We have lived in our current house for 20 years; one other for 4 years. The shortest amount of time 15 days. Another funny, I went to insurance school in Atlanta for 2 weeks; I left; we lived in one house; I returned; we lived in another. No, I am not a master packer. I thought our easiest move would be from one spec. house to the one next door. That was the hardest!!!

  2. Love those infrared photos. They are just amazing. If only we had all the time in the world to explore every avenue available to us. Great site, thanks.