Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Wiggly worm, turning one

A friend of mine, one I have never actually met, but have shared experiences and thoughts with for almost seven years now over the Internet, had a 1st birthday party for her little boy. She asked me to make a colourful and fun invitation for the event. Her only specification was that it had to include a little worm.

I chose to stay away from baby blue with this one and went with lime green and added little dots all over. She had it printed locally from a printer and loved the end result.


The text says:
It's a party!
Luke has squirmed and wormed his way to one, join us for some fun!


  1. Linda;
    This is gorgeous - you have such an eye for color and layout!

  2. Your cards are wonderful. Next time I need something really special I think I will hire you.

  3. Linda,

    I have been quietly admiring your work for a bit now, but I felt I should let you know publicly that I really love what you share. You have a great eye for design that is simple, striking and classic.

    I love the non-traditional colors in this layout. I also think it's fabulous that you have developed such a wonderful long time online friendship.

    Thank you for sharing!