Monday, 4 February 2008

My dark side

Oh yeah. I have one too. I am usually a high spirited and positive person but there is something in my life that is dark and difficult and painful. I made a layout about it.
(Credits:Paper: Navy copy by Heather Ann Meltzer
Elements: Distressed diva distressed edge by Trish Jones, ShabbyBorders1_shabbylines by Shabby Princess
Font: Susie's Hand
Photo: Linda Roos)

After living with it for ten years now you would think that I should have learned to live with suffering from severe migraine attacks. Granted I have learned not to let it scare me anymore but it is still difficult to get through the days that consist of double vision, throwing up, and wanting someone to cut off my head because it just hurts too damn much.

In other news I am working on
1. A card for a little baby boy's christening that needs to be finished this week.
2. A logo for a friend's new endeavour.
3. An invitation for a 60th birthday party that doesn't have to be finished in ages yet but the birthday boy wanted some suggestions.
4. Trying to find time to do some digi scrap challenges. Good luck to myself with that, lol.


  1. Oh wow, I am sorry you have to deal with migraines. What a great idea though, to scrap our less than perfect parts.

    Kudos to you!

  2. I get migraines too. They've subsided somewhat when I stopped having caffeine - but that's no fun!!! Chocolate and coffee are sooo yummy.

    Thanks for leaving love for my latest LO. I actually thought of you as I created the color scheme. ;)

  3. Linda;
    I feel your pain on migraines. I luckily have only had a handful of them, but my sister gets they like you describe... ouch. Hopefully they will subside for you.

    You asked for my email... so here it is:

    I'm so thrilled you are offering up a logo for this contest... your website it complete eye candy to me every time I visit!

  4. Linda I am sorry to hear how bad your migraines are. However, I think the photo of you on your page is stunning.
    Carol :-)