Sunday, 15 February 2009

Project 52, week 7

This week was pretty uninspired. We had snow at the beginning of the week and then the weather has been pretty blah. I've worked a lot as usual. So this gets to be a down week as far as Project 52 goes.

I'm usually not big on effects when it comes to photography. I like for my photos to be photographs and not Photoshop products. Don't get me wrong, I love PS and I love how powerful it is as an editing tool, but I don't want the post proccess techniques to overpower the photo. Know what I mean?

But because I felt so uninspired with my photos this week I played around a little. And these two are the products. I don't love them, not even sure I like them. But there it is. Can't decide which one will get to be the photo for this week ... what do you think?

#7, 2009
On our driveway we have a few pots with some dead heather. I practically just opened the door and took some shots. This first one is in sepia with the colour of the heather brought back.

I tried out Pioneer Woman's action called Seventies with this one.


  1. I'm actually a huge fan of actions, but I know what you mean about the pure photograph - if the image itself is good, nothing else is really needed. (I usually run actions on photos that aren't *perfect* on their own... either underexposed and not fixable or I had to crop a lot of it)

    GREAT work, as usual, Linda. I'm such a huge fan. If you ever need a CT member, I'm you gal. ;)

  2. Linda--My favorite is the second one.
    As for the pure photo, I'm very much with you on this concept. Maybe it's because I haven't played too much with my photos yet, but I ike the 'moment preserved' and the 'moment' wasn't messed with in PS! ;) It's fun sometimes, though ...

  3. I love that 70s action. I tend not to use actions and like the "real" photo although I do really like that 70's one lol.

  4. Linda, I like the 70s action too. I don't use actions a lot either - but having said that I have one that 'pops' the colour. I like and use that quite a bit.