Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sick of me yet?

Last post for today, I promise! LOL. Just wanted to post a layout I just finished.

Counting memories
(Credits: Paper: Crisp-4 by Lynn Grieveson
Element: Photobooth Frames-15 by Katie Pertiet, CountingTrashOV-4 by Katie Pertiet, StaplePair (edited to one) by Katie Pertiet, ScrapPinkNoteStrip by Katie Pertiet, MessyStitches_Brown by Katie Pertiet, Groovyboy-ribbons-2 by Mindy Terasawa, FavoriteHolidayMemory ( edited to favorite) by Ali Edwards
Font: VTPortable Remington, Century Gothic
Photos: Linda Roos)


  1. I love this layout. It is so simple and yet gorgeous. I love seeing everything that you do.

  2. I really like this page and the other ones you submitted. Gorgeous stuff! I really like the counting trash overlay, I haven't used that one in a long time. Keep 'em coming!