Sunday, 5 July 2009

Project 52, week 27

Ok, I am pretty proud about this photo. Not the photo itself but what is in it. We have tomatoes! Anyone who has known us for a while knows that we completely suck at growing stuff. We have two live plants inside the house and only very easily cared for plants outside. But we thought we'd give tomatoes ago in our newly built, 28 meter long, flower bed. So far everything is looking good.

#27, 2009
Growing stuff


  1. I'm hoping to see little grape tomatoes coming soon on my plant! I have jalapeno peppers already ...
    Great photo, btw!

  2. There's nothing like fresh produce. Especially the kind that you grow with a relatively black thumb (I should know... I am a self-confessed plant killer). :) Hope your migraines have disappeared.

  3. I hear you about growing stuff! I have lots of veggies growing right now but usually the plants die on me after just a little while. Great photo and good luck with your tomatoes. My brother says the secret is to have them under a cover so that they only get water from the bottom, not on the next year I will plant them in a container under my roof :)