Sunday, 13 September 2009

Talk about uninspired

I have hit a real funk when it comes to being creative. I picked up my camera for the first time in over two weeks last night. Yeah, hadn't even touched it since I was on holiday. This means I am, for the first time, behind on my Project 52. I feel like an ass to have lasted so long and then miss out on account of being lazy.

I haven't done much other creative work either. I tried working on my long time coming Milano book but couldn't get anything to look right, I started working on a new book about my food photography but ran out of steam when I had to get out of the sofa and plug the computer to the EHD, and then I have started two other projects that have died pretty quickly. Uhm, like I said, a real funk.

I have, however, finished the last of the wedding stationary. Now I just need to photograph everything so I can upload it. But then we're back to picking up that camera, lol.

We had my family over for dinner last night to celebrate a birthday and I had planned to make Pavlova for dessert. Only I spent too long cleaning so the husband had to make it while he was cooking. I did end up decorating it right before eating if that counts?

I have photos of the table scape from last night, which I have to say I really liked even if it was quite simple. I just need to upload them. They will be posted once I do.

Gosh, I sound like a real bore! Hahaha! I will try to do better!


  1. I too suffer from artist's block every now and then. The last major one was when I was too spread out with my creative team commitments and whatnot.

    For the world's sake, I hope you get to creating again soon! Your art is always drool-worthy.

  2. Linda, I can relate to what you're going through ... I'm in the ssme boat too! It feels like a chore to actually do something creative at the moment. I'm sure you'll get through it - I hope so, your work inspires me, so if you're not creative, where does that leave me??? LOL :)

    I can't wait to see your table scape photos ... I always love your settings.

  3. Hi. I could not find the blog post that I downloaded the wordart from that I have used in this layout....thank you for it. Here it is