Sunday, 11 October 2009

Project 52

I have two photos to share for Project 52 this time.

#40, 2009
I took this photo of my hot, hot husband for an invite to our families to celebrate his birthday in a few weeks (I will share that soon). I love this shot! I love how broad his shoulders are and his arms.

#41, 2009
I love autumn when the temperature is reasonable and the sun is out. The colours are beautiful and the light is fantastic. I hope we get more days like the one that I shot this one on.


  1. Bilden på Johan är så grymt bra!

  2. boy, your colors haven't changed much! Here the leaves are deep red already and falling, so pretty soon it will all be mush and yucky! I love your shots also, they are great (not commenting on hubby :))