Monday, 15 March 2010

Sappy Love Songs word art

So, want to see what the sneaky sneak was really about? I think I gave it away a bit with the "word art" on the end, and that it was about love, but I tried to not give away too much, lol.

This set contains 8 individual .pngs and a brush set.
I had a moment of inspiration a few weeks back when we watched Live Aid on DVD and REO Speedwagon came on. It's such a cheesy song, and their clothes and hair had us in stitches. But somehow it had me singing that damn song for days after. But an idea was born. So I'm down with it!

Sappy Love Songs
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Can you guess the songs and the artists behind them? Other than REO, of course, as I already gave that away! I think maybe only one might be a little tricky ...

  1. In other news I stil haven't finished that last painting.
  2. My neighbour asked me to help her out with a logo for her new business. I have a concept ready and just need to polish it up for her.
  3. My co worker asked me to help out with a birthday project for her husband which includes cars and a 50s style band.
  4. I am working on a mini Easter project. It's hit and miss at the moment but we'll se how it comes out.
  5. Oh, and I need to get a bunch of digi scrap ideas finished. I have about 10 different things started right now so I am feeling just a tad bit schizofrenic, lol.
Also, I need to upload last week's photos. I'll be back with that tomorrow hopefully.

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