Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Making it to OBW

You know we love a great deal at, and today for a few hours more you can pick up this new template and quickpage combo for almost no money at all.

Sweet Template and Quickpage
Click on the image to go directly to the product in the shop

It will be back to it's regular price tomorrow so make sure you don't miss out!
With this product you get not only a template and a Quickpage, you also get beautiful glass jewels and a full uppercase and numbers wood alpha. The quickpage features papers from the Modernist Paper Pack.

Here is my sample of the quickpage

and Sarah created this gorgeous layout

So, run, don't walk, and get it!


  1. I really would like to know if you plan on getting back to theP365 templates that you started. I have the templates up till April and one template for May and have not seen anything since.

    A one point you indicated the next on would be sometime in August.

    Hope to hear from you soon

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