Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Again with the Italy trip

Trucking on with photos from our trip!

Beautiful town of Pienza

This one cracks me up; we stopped at a butcher's to get what would be lunch for some of us (ie. the girls) and snack for some (ie. the boys) and we all went into predator mode. The husband was sat on the empty stool while eating his panini con porchetta.

Gorgeous Montepulciano

Twilight lovers might recognise this building as it's featured in the second film. The town is supposed to be Volterra but it was all filmed in Montepulciano.

Right, more later!

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  1. Linda:
    I am so enjoying your Italy photographs. Don't know if I'll ever get there myself, but I love seeing it through your lens. Keep them coming.