Thursday, 2 September 2010

It's a giveaway!

Like I said the other day, hitting 400 posts needs to be celebrated. And what better way to do that than to have a giveaway? Yeah, no better!

So, here's the deal: I have two beautiful and shiny gift certificates to my shop over at to give away. Each one is worth $5. If you would like to get your little hands on one you can
1: Become a follower of this blog (just check the right hand side)
2. Make a comment to this post

Now, I'm not wanting just any old comment telling me how lovely I am (although that would be nice too). No, I'm making it a little harder on you guys. I'd like to know what inspires you in your life. If you are a scrapper, what makes those little scrappin' fingers itch? If you are a photographer, what brings out the focus in you? If you devote yourself to something else - whatever it may be - what gets you motivated? Spill the beans why don't you?!

So I will be drawing one lucky person from my list of followers and one winner from the comments. If you do both, your chances of winning automatically doubles. Who doesn't like those odds, huh?

You have until Tuesday to become a follower and comment. Winners will be announced on Wednesday!

Bonne chance, and happy weekend everyone!


  1. Ooo! Fun!

    I have two loves: acting and photography.

    I love acting because I enjoy losing myself inside a character and pretending to be someone different.

    I love photography because it's creating beautiful images. I like that I can make a client melt, smile, or laugh at images of their pet.

  2. So much can inspire me, it really depends on my mood. But, the most constant source of inspiration definitely comes from my kids (5 and 2) from what they choose to wear, to what they say, to how they move.

  3. I am constantly inspired by the nature around me (we live in the mountains) and my husband and son. They stir such emotions in me and I want to document everything! THanks for the chance!

  4. ah, but you are lovely! And as you know, my husband inspires me. But otherwise it is my itch to leave a legacy for my daughter through photos and scrapping. To leave her a connection with the past, including her own.

  5. Today I was inspired by some wall art at the restaurant I ate dinner at--it involved some frames and mats and silhouettes...

  6. I'm currently inspired to preserve those little snippets of the every day -- Project 365 style.

  7. I'm inspired by good design I see in magazines... I seem to have a problem- I subscribe to dozens of magazines, check out more from the library, and have stacks of catalogs all over just because they are pretty :) And though it may sound strange, I am inspired by good weather- like the kind of crisp, cool, sunny day we're having today. It just makes everything look gorgeous and makes people happy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I am inspired by people - their feelings, their relationship with me, their reactions.... I try to take my favorite parts about people that I meet or read about or see on tv and incorporate them into my personality!

  9. Inspiration comes from many places - first nature, I get overawed by its beauty. The second is people, those around me And the amazing blogs I come across - from lovely creative people like you. As for scrapbooking what inspires me most is!