Friday, 10 December 2010

Website tip for paper and digi scrappers alike

I am sure most of you already know of this place but, just in case you don't, do check out They have the Paperclipping Roundtable Show as well as the Paperclipping Digi Show where they invite lots of great people in the business and talk about all kinds of useful stuff with regards to scrapbooking.

I usually don't have time to listen every week when the new show comes out, so I tend to cram them in at weekends every now and then.

But totally worth listening to while you are working or surfing or doing whatever.
Also, Izzy, the husband of Noell Hyman who runs the site, produces the shows and he is a total hoot. :)


  1. Thanks for recommending our show, Linda! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

  2. Thanks Noell for commenting! I love your shows; information in a fun and relaxed format. What is better? :D