Sunday, 2 January 2011

P52 wrap up for 2010

Yup, I made it through another year with P52. I am so proud of myself. So proud. And so glad that I decided to stick with it this year. I will spend tonight putting it together as a book but I wanted to share the last photo for last year.

Now, this photo wasn't taken in the last week at all. It wasn't even taken by me. I don't even know the person who took it. I also only have a crappy quality paper copy of it but the way this photo makes me feel is how I want to remember 2010. So I decided to break the rules on this one. I mean, it is my project after all, lol!

#52, 2010
This photo was taken at a wedding we attended in August. The wedding photographer snapped this of us and the bride sent it over with the thank you card. I am so happy she did because I love just love it to bits.

Thank you guys for following along all year! I hope to be able to share more photos in this coming year!
Here is the finished book:


  1. Oh Linda, your book is stunning! Love every page! Kudos for keeping up and finishing!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Wow - that is awesome! Your photo of the 2 of you is fantastic! You look so relaxed & happy (cute hubby, BTW!). Hope 2011 is an even better year!

  3. You guys look like supermodels.

  4. världens bästa par! älskar er.

  5. Love love love that photo!

  6. It is a gorgeous photo ~ I don't even know you and I LOVE it!!! ;-)