Sunday, 27 February 2011

Adding to the collection

With the annual book sale starting last week, I knew I was in trouble when I hit the shops this week (shopping for birthday presents for my sweet sisters). Now, I don't read a lot of books anymore. After working 9-10 hours, and then putting in two or three more hours more in front of the computer to design, blog, and so on, I just don't have any brain capacity left to concentrate or focus on one single thing. So novels are definitely out. If I read two our three books a year nowadays it's to be considered  a fabulous effort. 

So with that in mind, there was no danger of me picking up too many novels. No, my weakness is cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I love beautiful food photography. Love it. Needless to say I also love good food. So I'm like a kid in a candyshop when I get to flick through a really good book filled with gorgeous shots of delish food. This all means that we have tons and tons of books all over the house.

Still, faced with all the goodness in the store I couldn't help myself and picked up two new books; one for me by Swedish celeb cook Leila Lindholm all devoted to baking, and one for the husband by Jamie Oliver. I'm a good wife. I think of my husband and give him little treats. But I'm also a smart wife because I am the one that will get to enjoy the food he cooks. Very smart wife. :)

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  1. Love Jamie's approach to cooking, bish-bash-bosh ... tear it up, stick it on a plate and enjoy! Now that's my kind of cooking.