Sunday, 27 February 2011

On weather and shoes

Let me just state that I was born in the wrong part of the world. I don't do well with cold. Not only do I freeze my behonkey off far too many months of the year, it is also impossible to wear the kind of shoes that I really would like to wear most of the time. Super cute ballerina flats? Sure, maybe in June and July, but not when it rains. Sexy stillettos? Right, about three months of the year, but again, not when it rains. And it seems to rain a lot in the summer around these parts. The beloved Converse All Stars? Hah! Not unless you want your toes to be little tiny frozen sticks attached to the feet. No, for large parts of the year (read: October to April) you need to cover your feet in thick, heavy insulated monstrosities for shoes to even be able to go outside. I detest it. And that's just shoes people. Don't even get me started on coats! Haha!

I decided to brave it today and get those Converse out of the depths of my wardrobe just to stick my tongue out to the weather and say HA! Take that, you! You won't concour me! Of course I wore two sets of extra thick socks but don't tell the weather that. Three hours later my toes are still ice sticks. Sheesh!

But they do look so good. Even old, worn, and dirty ones like mine.


  1. Sorry! I told you.... it was the wrong pare of shoes today. We have to emigrate to a warmer place, if we wan´t look fabulaus. / Mum

  2. heh heh - you said behonkey! (TM - me) I love it!

    I never realized you were that limited in when you can wear shoes. Of course right now I've been wearing nothing but tennis shoes, cowboy boots or my winter hiking boots. But come late March, hello every other shoe in my closet! But as soon as it hits 50 here, most people break out the flip flops. LOL! Hope your toes thaw soon!

  3. LOL, I plug that word every chance I get. I'll start giving you money once it catches on! OK, OK, I might have exaggerated just a teensy bit just for argument's sake. I can wear normal shoes for more than two months a year. But it has been freakishly cold since October/November. I'm just over it.