Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bloggy newness

This week I did something I have been thinking about for ages and ages; I bought myself a domain for this blog. The actual process of buying the domain was simple as ever. Getting my new account up and running smoothly was a bit of a pain really. But being the super awesome tech savvy genius with endless amounts of patience that I am (note: this is very far from the truth), I finally figured it out. Now that it's done I don't understand why I put it off for so long. Procrastinator defined here!


  1. Yay for you! I think if people knew how (relatively) easy it is to get their own domain then no one would ever have a .blogspot address again! Great step for your business.

    Next step: Self-hosted WORD PRESS! Woooo!!!

  2. LOL, I actually contemplated getting a WP account. But the thought of redoing the whole blog at this point was just too much for this lazy bum, LOL. Perhaps after a few week's vacation? LOL!