Sunday, 9 October 2011

p52 | out and about

Today I woke up with a headache for the fourth day in a row, and after spending yesterday in bed, I really felt I needed some fresh air in my system. So I hopped on the steel horse - the bike - and rode the few minutes it takes to get to a woodsy area near us. And boy did I need it. I am so not a woodsy person at all. I'm a city girl through and through and don't really feel comfortable with all the potential live things that could come in my way. But it was great to just stand there with my head tilted back, listening to the leaves rattling in the wind, no other people around, no stress, no nothing. Just what I needed. Of course, I got a bunch of pretty pictures as well.

I think I will make time to go back again in a couple of weeks as I think the colours will be really pretty

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