Monday, 19 December 2011

p52 | heart bokeh

I was waiting all week for the weekend to arrive so that there would be enough light to take this shot. I love my country, but the darkness - oh the darkness is a pain in the butt. It's dark until way past 8am and then it's back again well before 4pm. So, being part of the working force, that means I am never at home during light hours in the winter. It's a pain I tell you.

But today there was a couple of hours around noon that made for a good photography session. The result gets to be photo of the week.

The image doesn't show it, but the snowflakes sparkle. I got them for a great deal of money in a posh department store in Milano and the husband rolled his eyes at me a little, but I had to have them. I have big plans for them this Christmas.

I also have to share a couple of shots of my little charmer of a nephew that I got yesterday. Now, they are blurry. But I choose to see past that because his personality shines in them.

What a ham! I just adore him!


  1. Yay...pretty heart bokeh!! I am wanting to try that this week...with different shapes!

    And yes...sweet photos of your nephew...who cares about a touch of blurriness!

  2. Gorgeous child and a great photographer!