Sunday, 1 January 2012


I tell you, fireworks are tricky to shoot. We usually only have fireworks on New Years Eve around here. That alone is an obstacle as we are usually either hosting or attending a party so there is rarely time for preparations, and who fits a tripod in a tiny little silk clutch anyway? Plus, after some champagne the trigger finger might not be the steadiest. Then there's the technical issues ... Getting the ISO, the F-stops, and the shutterspeed right when stuff is exploding all around you might not be the easiest thing.

Here's where a stomach bug comes in handy. Of course, in every other way stomach bugs are icky, horrible, and not practical at all. But getting one just the day before the end of the year means that parties are cancelled, champagne is kept safely stored in the fridge, and there is ample time to set up the tripod and calmly get settings right.

So last night, for a few moments, I embraced the virus and got a couple of half decent shots of the fireworks around me. Now, they are not perfect by any means. They aren't great. But they are a heck of a lot better than the blurry, smoky messes from previous years.

Happy New Year!

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