Sunday, 1 January 2012

p52 | the finished 2011 book

Alright, I am so happy about this. For the third year running I have created a book of my P52 photos. Of course I have to share it here.

Click here to view this photo book.

I would love to get some clicks and feedback in the gallery on Shutterfly, if you like it. Thanks so much! :)

Now, if you are thinking of starting some sort of photography project for 2012, but think that P365 is too much to take on board, then do give P52 a thought. I would say that the pressure of taking one photo every week is much smaller than taking one every day, especially for someone like me where most days are practically the same.

Here are some unsolicited advice from me on how do be successful with P52:
1. Bring your camera with you always - the more chances of getting a shot you have, the higher chance of finishing the project. Use events and holidays as an excuse to get a photo for your project.

2. Let go of the notion that all photos need to be masterpieces. Life just isn't always going to allow you to get that perfect shot. It's ok with boring sometimes. It's ok with a quick shot of your Thursday night dinner plate. After all, you are depicting your life, not a perfect world.

3. Just keep shooting during the week, and leave the worrying about "photo of the week" for the end of the week. My round up day is usually Sunday. That is when I sort through the photos I've taken during the week and decide which one that gets to be my photo for that particular week.

4. If you feel like scrapping the project, and are up to it, then that is totally fine. For me though, I felt that would just be one more thing added on my plate. So I let go of that notion without guilt the first year, and I am truly happy with the books I have. The photos alone spark so many memories and feelings still.

5. If you are doing a special format then make it easy on yourself and create an easy to use template early on where you can just plop the photo in each week. If you at the end of the project want to create a photobook then you will be happy in December that you had that template. Uploading and finishing will be much easier and quicker.

6. If you run out of ideas and inspiration, there are plenty of resources out there to help you. Many of them are geared towards P365, but the ideas work just as well for P52. Here are some examples:
Capture your 365
My Four Hens
MCP Actions

7. Don't make it a chore! Remember that this is something you are doing for fun. It's not like laundry or toilet cleaning. If you miss a week, it's not going to be the end of the world. Just make up for it the next week with two. Remember to enjoy yourself!

Alright, that's about it from me. Not brain surgery exactly, but take it for what it is! :)


  1. It sounds so easy.... but it needs a trainded eye for making a fotogalleri like that. Wonderful pictures of a lovely girl. /Mami

  2. Just gorgeous! Love the simplicity & the stunning photography - beautiful!