Tuesday, 3 January 2012

winter white

On Christmas Eve, the day of celebration in Sweden, we had a very nice and quiet - I don't want to say dinner because we started around noon and finished sometime after 8pm, so let's go with day of food with my family. To match my Christmas decorations, and incidentally also the gifts, I decorated the table with all white on white on white on white. Delicate and crisp and pretty was the way to go this year for me.

White plates from IKEA
Glass plates from local second hand shop

Lace mats from H&M Home
Crocet snowflakes from La Rinascente in Milano, Italy
Wreath from local florist Anna Gouteva
Small wreaths are styrofoam wrapped in white lace
Votives from IKEA wrapped in white lace

Candle holders from IKEA
Glassware from IKEA


  1. It all looks so beautiful and elegant

  2. This looks amazing !! I hope you don't mind me saving these pictures for inspiration for next Christmas.