Wednesday, 28 March 2012

photography class | studio photography

So last weekend we had an extra session in photography class to dip our toes in studio photography and learn the basics. We showed up bright and early with our cameras ready for some serious clicking. I was nervous about this. I worried about all the gear that I've never used before, about the confined space and with this less opportunity for different ideas, and about directing the models.
There were five of us, plus the two teachers, and I opted to take the backseat and watch the others work for a while before I felt ready for giving it a shot.

Man what an awesome experience it was. My adrenaline was through the roof once I got started and actually felt my hands shaking for a while. When the others had a coffee break I went outside to sit on my own for a while and think about it all. There are so many things to keep in check with staged studio photography that I really haven't come across before. I definitely bow down to those who do this for a living and still produce stellar work.

So I think I got about 60 or so shots. I think five of those ended up being decent shots. Two I really liked. This is hard, people! LOL!

The two shots? Yeah, go on then, here they are!

The husband and I dubbed this the Beyonce shot when we went through the pics on Sunday night. I love her hair and the look in her eyes. They say "Yeah, I'm all that!" to me, LOL! I also like the little detail of the necklace flying.

I like the eye contact in this one, and his dimple is the cutest ever.

I'm looking forward to next class, so that I can see the others' photos and get some feedback from our teachers.