Monday, 13 May 2013

laying it out | fresh

This layout is devoted to spring. To new beginnings, to growth, to green, to fresh air, to garden work (even though I actually hate that).

 photo acd130513_lindaroos_welcomespring.jpg
(Supplies: Daydream Kit by American Crafts at AC Digitals, Photo Clusters by Wild Blueberry Ink at Pixels & Co, Life 365 Buttons by Karla Dudley at Pixels & Co)

We had the good fortune to spend a few hours this weekend watching one of our boys play sports. It's his first season playing, and this was his second game ever. Lots of fun to see little six year olds chase eachother around on the pitch.

 photo wbipco_130512_lindaroos_awesome.jpg
(Supplies: The Good Life Collab Kit by Wild Blueberry Ink and Scotty Girl Design, Photo Clusters and Wanderlust Stamps by Wild Blueberry Ink at Pixels & Co)

You can pick up the new and very colourful and vibrant Daydream Kit by American Crafts at AC Digitals today!

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