Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Digital Project Life

Did you hear the news? Becky Higgins' digital products for Project Life have moved to a new home! All the digital PL products are now available at DigitalProjectLife.com.

And guess what, I am part of the creative team! Hooah!
PS. I adore the ladies on this team. Amazing talent right there.

Now you might say Hey now, wait a minute Linda, you don't do Project Life. You might even say I've said it's not my style. And you are so right. The pocket style scrapping isn't my style. I don't think it ever will be. And I usually scrap feelings and thoughts, specific moments and photos rather than documenting chonologically.

But. And this is a huge but!
I am turning 39 next week, and I have this idea to document my last year as a 30-something a little differently than with just regular old layouts. Yes, I do know that I have Project 52 going. And yes, I do know that I also have the 40 Before Forty project. But I am still eager to give this idea a go.
So here is my plan:
Starting on Monday next week, and finishing on August 3, 2014, I will do my own version of Project Life.

The one thing that I plan to do differently in my day to day life is to use some kind of aid to jot down events, thoughts, feelings, food, clothing and so on (if someone has any great suggestions for this, I am all ears). I already use my camera and my phone (mostly my phone to be honest) every day so I am hoping that will not have to change too much.

Once a week I hope to put together my weekly page, just like every other Project Lifer out there. Where I differ is in the look of the layouts. I will not pocket scrap. I will use the Project Life products to create layered, clustered layouts with white space - much like my usual style.

I am so excited to start this journey. I may be coming late to the party, but I finally feel like I found a way to make it mine rather than just jumping on the hottest new trend.
I hope you will want to follow along on this journey with me!

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