Monday, 18 November 2013

project life | week of november 11

Life continues to mix the good with the bad for me at the moment. I got sick, we had a punctured tire, and I had some tough moments in my pursuit of trying to come back to a normal state of being. But there were also birthdays, an anniversary, and lovely times with loved ones. I am thankful for those good moments.

 photo 31_bhpl_lindaroos_131111_l_web.jpg

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(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Just Add Color, Becky Higgins Project Life Just Add Color Overlays, Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight, Life 365 Buttons by Karla Dudley, In Stitches Neutral Basics by RobynMeierotto, Homebody by Shannon McNab)

The super fun Becky Higgins Project Life Just Add Color kit, with new format cards in 2x2 in and 4x4 in, is available today at Digital Project Life!

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