Tuesday, 8 April 2014

going graphic | inspirational quote cards set two

 photo ITM_quotecard2_1.jpg

I finally got my second set of inspirational quote cards printed. I am now ready to put them up on my little wall beside my desk at work. I don't spend much time there at the moment, but it will be a nice thing to come back to when I do start working again.

This set featured a few longer quotes, and it took me a whole to get them to look right. I chose to go with the same cards from Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight Kit as my base, and stuck with basically the same fonts. I like the consistency of the look when all the cards are together.

 photo ITM_quotecard2_6.jpg

 photo ITM_quotecard2_3.jpg

 photo ITM_quotecard2_5.jpg

 photo ITM_quotecard2_4.jpg

 photo ITM_quotecard2_2.jpg

If you missed the first set you can find it here!


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