Thursday, 24 April 2014

project life | week of april 14

I gave myself a (almost) week of much needed computer break this week. I still have problems with getting brain fry when I sit in front of one, even for the shortest of times, and decided to stay away completely for a couple of days. Of course I have checked up on stuff like Facebook and Pinterest on my phone, but the actual physical aspect of sitting down, opening my computer, and doing creative stuff or surfing, I left behind.

But yesterday I sat down and created my Project Life spread from last week. It took me a while; I couldn't find a good balance between the photos I had taken and the colour scheme I'm going with for April. I don't know that I love these two pages, but I got it done and that is enough for me right now.

 photo 77_bhpl_lindaroos_140414_l_web.jpg

 photo 78_bhpl_lindaroos_140414_r_web.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins  Project Life Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party, Becky Higgins  Project Life Dear Lizzy Neapolitan, Becky Higgins  Project Life Maggie Holmes, Becky Higgins  Project Life Maggie Holmes Styleboard, Becky Higgins  Project Life Amy Tangerine Plus One, Becky Higgins  Project Life Midnight, Becky Higgins  Project Life Just Add Color, Becky Higgins  Project Life Coral, Life 365 Buttons, In Stitches   Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto)

As another spread is done, and another week documented, I cannot help but reflect on the hopes I had for my year when I started the week of my birthday in August, and how it has come to be something entirely different. I am documenting what has been a very difficult year and as much as I think that has helped me, I wonder what I will be able to take away from the experience when I have (hopefully) been able to dig myself out of this hole. I also wonder how I will look back on it when I look through the pages of this album many years down the road. Will this album give me a good feeling or will it just be a not wanted reminder of a bad time in my life? What I do hope is that I will be able to see that there were some truly magical moments even in my darkest days.


  1. Linda, where did you get the bunny button? It's adorable!

    1. Oh shoot! i missed that one in the credits! It's from a kit called Hop Happy by Karla Dudley at Pixels and Co.

      Thanks for asking! :)