Monday, 14 April 2014

project life | week of april 7

It's time again for the weekly Project Life post, and I think I kind of love these two pages. I decided to continue with the multi coloured pastel theme for the whole of April, and it goes so well with the spring photos I seem to be obsessed with taking now.

I am quite chuffed with being able to carry through the circles from last week. The card I used on this week's right page is from a different kit than last week - the new Maggie Holmes Styleboard Kit - so I am really glad they work together.

 photo 75_bhpl_lindaroos_140407_l_web.jpg

 photo 76_bhpl_lindaroos_140407_r_web.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Maggie Holmes Styleboard, Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight, Becky Higgins Project Life Just Add Color Overlays, Life 365 Buttons, In Stitches   Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto, Homebody by Shannon McNab)

So, now I'm looking forward to a new week that I am hoping to fill with positive things. That has kind of become my mission lately; learning to not feel so much obligation and learning to see the good in even the smallest details.


  1. I don't know if this is the time (or the place) for making requests or do some thinking out loud wishing, but if it was I would wish for you to make a tutorial on how you make one these beautiful pages. Even if it was just one page. I love them!

    1. Thank you very much for saying, Anne Marie! Have you seen my post on my process? If not, it is right here:

      Do you think it would be helpful with a timelapse film or something of me putting a page together? Is that more of what you had in mind? Hm, I will have to think about that a little! :)