Thursday, 27 December 2007

Why In the Making?

Being famous for my wit and mad language skillz I had to live up to the rep and find a cool name for my dreamed of future paper design biz in 2002 when I started getting requests for wedding invitations and greeting cards. I think I sprained a brain muscle in the process but still only managed to come up with cheesy little excuses for a name. In the end I decided on In the Making and kind of liked it. I even made a logo!

Even though it's been five years and I still haven't made an everlasting impression on the design world the name somehow stuck and I figured it would at least be good enough for a blog. So In the Making it is.


  1. Linda,

    Congrats on your new blog! I love reading the blogs from our friends from the JS playground. I just have to mention how much I love the photographs you take...they are all so gorgeous!

  2. Linda...I love the name....aren't we always in the making of something in our lives anyway?????? Way to go

  3. Thank you so much girls. I really appreciate the compliment. :)

  4. Linda... you should change the name to MADE. You are soooo made. No way are you in the making. You are fabulous; your work is awesome. Can you please come and do my house and my invitations and everything else? Totally CLASSY, totally tasteful. Man, I'm floored by your amazing talent. Woohoo, my friend!!! :D :D :D