Sunday, 13 April 2008

Digi In Deep - Week 2

I know that I have been neglecting this blog for two weeks now. DID is seriously kicking my butt. I am sorry for this and I hope you'll forgive me.

I am back to post my layouts that I have done this week for class.

This layout was designed by Jessica Sprague
Then & Now
(Credits: Papers & Elements: AASPN_SPLima_3, AASPN_SPLima_5 by Anna Aspnes, mterasawa-bohemiangarden-stripes by Mindy Terasawa, Numbers paper by Linda Roos (thanks to Jessica Sprague), KPertiet_BorderDieCuts_roundedCorners, KPertiet_CurledIndexJournalers-3d, KPertiet_GrungedUpPhotoBlockNo2-1, KPertiet_StaplePair by Katie Pertiet, JS-Stitching by Jessica SpragueFonts: Century Gothic, Amerika, Alfredo Heavy, AnarchyPhotos: Linda Roos)

Du och jag Emil
(Credits: Papers: Oscraps-Moonrise-PAPERS-suec3, Oscraps-Moonrise-PAPERS-jcantrill2, Oscraps-Moonrise-PAPERS-AStergiou-2 from Moonrise collection by OscrapsElements: KPertiet_GrungedUpPhotoBlockNo2-1, KPertiet_StaplePair, KPertiet_SnapFrames by Katie PertietFonts: Century Gothic and sidewalk, Photos: Linda Roos)

Addition to the quotes book that was started last week.
Say What 3
(Credits: Template: Jessica SpraguePapers: jcrowley-beautifulevidence-solid4, JS-HAFH-AwningStripe, JSprague_Kraft, JSprague_BlueSolid, jcrowley-beautifulevidence-overlay2Fonts: Century Gothic and CK Ali's Writing)

This was made from a template I have also made for class. The template will be available here soon.
One Perfect Day
(Credits: Template: Linda RoosPapers: paper4_hismonday_jenwilson, Paper8_hismonday_jenwilson, Paper_hismonday_jenwilson from His Monday Attire by Jen Wilson, Mco_pp4 from Vintage Dreams Retro by Michelle ColemanElements: kskd_pe_gardenlights1_freebie_flowerblue (recoloured) by kSharonkFonts: Century Gothic, DearJoefourPhotos: Johan Roos)

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Digi In Deep - Week 1

What a week it has been! I am taking Jessica Sprague's online advanced Photoshop and scrapbooking class which started Monday. It's been a whirlwind of a week with lots of new tricks and challenging assignments. It has been a lot of work but very well worth it and so much fun. Jessica is a wonderful inspiration. Her style and design sense is impeccable and her way of teaching is relaxed and inviting.

I thought I'd post what I have done for class. The first LO is Jessica's design and was done for the first lesson. The rest of the layouts are my design and for challenges throughout the week.
Memories of Easter

Choklad dessert

Say what quotes mini book part 1

Say what quotes mini book part 2

Absolutely yummy

I will be back with credits. It's late and I have work tomorrow. Please excuse me.