Saturday, 10 May 2008


Anyone who knows me can attest to my life long love of ice cream. As a small child I would eat so much ice cream that my stomach would get so cold that I had to spend hours in the bathroom. LOL, I have learnt to restrain myself now but I still love it.


  1. I am another ice-cream lover. You are giving me cravings lol.

  2. Oh man. Just looking at that makes me add inches to my bottom line. !!! My husband thinks ice cream has to be topped with full caloried whipped cream. This is an oft-lost battle, I tell you!

    So I think I might just print out this picture of yours and lick it every now and then to stave off those cravings. :)

  3. Linda...this looks so yummy!!! Out of curiosity, what is the backdrop for this shot? (is it on a table, countertop???) Whatever it's on top of, the photo is fabulous!

  4. Your pictures are soooo good! I'm wanting to eat that ice cream!

  5. Thank you all! :D

    Dawn, that is the table of our patio set. It has a ribbed top.