Sunday, 29 June 2008

Projects and a template

I have been busy working on a few projects in the last couple of weeks. I am close to finishing one of them so I hope to be able to post a couple of pics in the coming week. The other is a long winded thing that I keep starting back up and then putting off and I need to get my butt in gear ASAP because I am coming closer to the deadline each day. If anyone has any butt kicking gear to share, please send it my way because I need it! LOL.

It's Sunday and I am feeling a little bummed that the weekend is almost over so I think we need a little pick me up around here. What better way to do that than with a template?

This one is a simple one, which I hope is ok with y'all. After all, it leaves more room for personal inspiration. So it's up for grabs and if you like it, go ahead and get it. :D

This is what it looks like:

You can download it here.

As always, you know the drill, please read and follow the TOU and I'd love it if you would leave some love for me if you download it.

Another note, it would also be great to see what you do with my templates, so please link me up if you post them somewhere!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Blog tip on decorating

I like to check in on husmusen a couple of times a week to look at beautiful pictures and get inspiration with regards to interior decorating.

Even if you don't speak the language you can still enjoy the blog because she loads it with eye candy.

Reason to smile

For the first time since I finished the Digi in Deep class over at Jessica Sprague's I felt inspired to do a layout "just because" the other day. I finished it late last night and I quite like the results. I think I will sit down a little during the weekend and play some. Don't want to lose my game now that I got it back.

The photo in the layout is of my nephew and sister in law and it was taken on Midsummer's Eve. I love it. They look so happy together.

(Credits: MissVivi_Template8, mterasawa-groovyboy-blue, mterasawa-groovyboy-brownwitdots, mterasawa-groovyboy-green, mterasawa-groovyboy-stripes, SP_HarvestSpice_Stem1,KPertiet_CountingTrashOV-4, wordstripes_jenwilson, daniela_peuss_love)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Template freebie

It's that time again folks! I have another template to share with you.

My layout with this template can be seen in this post. It's the second one down called Choklad.
Here is what the template looks like:
You can download it here.

Please follow the TOU that is included in the download and please leave me some love, here or at 4shared. It makes me really happy!

Thanks all!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hostess gift in the shape of a card

We were invited to a Midsummer's party yesterday and we got the host and hostess a gift certificate to a local restaurant empire together with a few other couples. Just handing over a gift certificate is pretty boring I think so I made a card to hold it.

I am in love with the stripes of this paper. That is not strange at all because stripes have always been a favourite of mine. I think the colour combination is genius though.

The green paper, though not visible here, is shimmery and highly textured. It's one of my favourite papers at the moment. The ribbon is double sided and I used the other side, which is striped, on the inside of the card. A few stones to add some bling.

I made a pocket on the left side to hold the certificate and a brochure of the place. I cut it at an angle to make it easier to slide them in and out of the card. I used the same paper as on the outside to get some repetition and emphasize the summery fun that was the theme of the party.

As much as I love type and fonts, and believe me I really do, I felt it would suit the occasion and feel of the card and party better to handwrite it. Both the outside and inside has my handwriting.

Tomorrow: A new template! Don't miss it!

Two new layouts

I actually had the chance to sit down and do two new layouts this week. I haven't scrapped anything for a really long time so I felt it was time. Not really happy with the results but at least it got my apetite for it back and that is always a good thing.

Natural Beauty
(Credits: FairyDreamer-8 by Katie Pertiet, paper5_hismonday by Jen Wilson, MCO_PP6 Vintage Dreams Retro by Michelle Coleman, NRJ_PDQ_PATTERN2 by Nancie Rowe Janitz, FUNKY_VINTAGE8, by Nacie Rowe Janitz, MCO_CornerCirclesBrush, JSprague_BeautifulEvidenceAlpha)

Pretty in Pink
(Credits: template 42 by Timounette, ArtWHSE_InteractiveLoveCircles-25, CheckerberryCorner_pinkglitterstroke_LHoddinott, Kskd_pe_krafty_pink_gem, Kskd_pe_valentinefreebie_journaling, RhonnaFarrer_2ps_PinkOctoberThink, RhonnaFarrer_2ps_PinkOctoberThinkswirledpaper)

I will be back with a new card I made in a little while.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tattoo design

A while ago my brother in law asked me if I could help him sketch a little on a tattoo for him. He has been wanting to get his son's name on his arm for a while. So we took the old laptop out and I went about adding some scroll work to a nice swirly font. The next day he took it to the tattoo studio for a consultation to see what could be done about it. An hour later he came out with the name on the arm, exactly like I had sketched it. Talk about moving fast! I am pretty proud over the fact that someone will be wearing my design on their skin for the rest of their life. That is big.

Here it is:

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Photo challenge and a thank you

Every week there is a new challenge over at the Jessica Sprague forum hosted by the fabulous miss Liv Esteban. This week is a photo challenge where the layout has to feature warm colour photos. With real life actually going on as well I am feeling hard pressed to produce a layout at the moment. But I do have the perfect photo for this challenge so I thought I would post it here until I can sit down and make a layout with it.


Before I go I want to thank you all for the sweet comments here and on 4shared over the last couple of days. It has made my day to come home from a long day at work and read your little notes. Thank you so much! More templates will be coming soon!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Blog tip for card makers

If you like making cards, and you sometimes feel a little pinch of "card maker's block" then I think you will appreciate 2 Sketches 4 You. This is a blog where a new sketch is posted each week and readers are encouraged to link up their creations based on the sketch.

The blog is brand new but I dig it. Great quality sketches from Laura and Kazan.

Freeebieday #3

OK, so here we go with day three of freebies here at In the Making. Those of you who took Digi In Deep with Jessica Sprague might have seen a little preview of it. Here I am sharing it with everyone else as well.

This is it:

And you can download it here.

Please follow the TOU and please leave me some love.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Freebieday #2

OK, so after a small snafu I am now back on track with which freebie I am actually posting. So sorry for the mixup guys.

Here is what the template looks like (for real this time):

And you can download it here.

As always, please follow the TOUs and don't forget to leave me some love too. Thanks so much.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Finally ... the freebies

What seems as two lifetimes ago I promised that freebies were coming in this blog. I did not anticipate the time it would actually take me to get them here to be so long. And as I have been ever so gently reminded by a few friends over email, now is defintely the time!

So let's start with one today, and I'll add another tomorrow, and then one on Tuesday as well. Is that a good enough trade off? ;)

ETA: I made a mistake when posting the preview earlier and posted the one for tomorrow. Duh! Here is what the real template looks like.

Download here.

Please remember to read the TOU, and I'd be happy if you would leave me some love when you download. Thank you!

See you again tomorrow!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Secret projects

A while ago I posted about the invitations to my sister's graduation party. Since then I have been working on a few projects that have had to be kept secret due to them all revolving around her graduation. Since the event was on Thursday I can now finally post about them. :)

I did a scrap page with a couple of photos that she had done professionally a few months back.
(Credits: Inspired by "Don't Quit" by Boudhini, KPertiet_FairyDreamer-8, KPertiet_OrnatedFrames-3, KPertiet_FreshlyWornNo3-6, DD_MWISE_DOUBLETAKE_WORD_BRUSHES_beautiful, KPertiet_Together_You)

I liked it a lot so I decided to have it framed and give to her as part of her gift. I came out looking so good. I am so pleased with it that I am now thinking that perhaps I should do the same with a few others for myself. I also got so many compliments on it by the guests at the party.

It is tradition for family and friends to greet the graduates with flowers and posters of them as a child as they literally walk out of the school on graduation day. I was in charge of making the poster for my sister. Katie Pertiet got to play a large part in finishing it, lol.
(Credits: Ribbons and brushes by Katie Pertiet)

Here my other sister is holding the poster, waiting outside of the school.

I made the card we gave her with her gifts, trying to stay with the "theme" colours and to match the wrapping paper of the gifts that was red with white dots.



And then, finishing off with some pics of a few of the decorations. We had red, green and white tea lights in glass holders and potted herbs that I covered with cut up paper bags that had little tags with each herb's name. The napkins, as well as everything else (even the food and wine) followed the theme.


POTD 16-31

Yikes! Be prepared for a long post. I've been gone for a while and have a lot of catching up to do. Fasten your seatbelts because here we go!

May 16
On my way from work to the train station to pick up my tickets for a trip I passed a park where there is an old windmill and took the opportunity to snap a few pics.

May 17
The balcony where this bench is placed was sealed off because the stone is disintegrating and it's dangerous to step out on it. So I had to push the camera through the fence to even get a glimpse of it. It's moments like this that make me wish I could walk around with both the Nikon and the Olympus in my bag since the latter one has live view. That would make the shoot itself slightly easier, lol.

May 18
One of the beaches in our town. When I uploaded the picture it reminded me of something from a 20s/30s romantic movie so I thought the "Super Fun Happy" action from Totally Rad was fitting.

May 19
Taken at the train station at 6.30 am while I waited for my train to come in. Not the most exciting photo, but with a long day spent in a meeting and on the train to and from said meeting, and then getting really bad news, this will have to do.

May 20
Sea bed rocks from my garden.

May 21
Taken on my way to the dentist that morning. Pretty happy about the bokeh but I so wish I had a macro lens.

May 22
Two dogs that were tied to a lamp post outside a kindergarten. I don't know them but I thought they were so cute together. They were totally hamming it up for me when I brought the camera out.

May 23
Pretty uninspired that day. Couldn't find anything I felt like photographing. In the end I turned my camera up. Oh well.

May 24
A light fixure in a restaurant where I had lunch. Thought it looked like a planet in the solar system.

May 25
My nephew being hoisted into a tree by my husband to bring down a ball that was stuck in the foliage. He was extatic.

May 26
Not taken on the right day. My first cheat all month. I didn't take any photos at all that day so this one from a few days before will have to do. It's my sister and her boyfriend.

May 27
Beautiful shiny wallpaper at a restaurant.

May 28
This is part of our hedge that we planted a while ago. They were just beginning to bud then and now they are all green. Love that we can finally keep things alive.

May 29
Not the greatest photo. Played around with it a lot to make it seem less boring. Don't know that I succeeded. It's a part of our herb garden, which actually isn't as much of a garden as pot filled with different herbs, lol.

May 30
Ah, last photo of the month save one! This is the Turning Torso, which was designed by world famous architect Santiago Calatrava. I think it's an amazing building but would not want to live at the top, lol.

May 31
Two people who are very dear to me. The woman who brought me to life, and the man who gave my life meaning. This isn't a well taken photo, with all the burn out in the background. But I think of all the photos I've taken for this callenge this is the one that brings out the most emotion in me. Funny how that is.