Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Reason to smile

For the first time since I finished the Digi in Deep class over at Jessica Sprague's I felt inspired to do a layout "just because" the other day. I finished it late last night and I quite like the results. I think I will sit down a little during the weekend and play some. Don't want to lose my game now that I got it back.

The photo in the layout is of my nephew and sister in law and it was taken on Midsummer's Eve. I love it. They look so happy together.

(Credits: MissVivi_Template8, mterasawa-groovyboy-blue, mterasawa-groovyboy-brownwitdots, mterasawa-groovyboy-green, mterasawa-groovyboy-stripes, SP_HarvestSpice_Stem1,KPertiet_CountingTrashOV-4, wordstripes_jenwilson, daniela_peuss_love)

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