Saturday, 26 July 2008

Italia Italia


Yeah, I am off on a holiday! Yay! I will be back in roughly two weeks. Hopefully then I will have lots of beautiful photographs to share.

Take care everyone and I'll see you when I see you.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hand made camera bag

For the longest time I have been looking for a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag. I have an aversion to the black and grey and oh so boring standard cameras that just scream "come and steal my camera". I wanted something that looked like a regular bag. Something pretty but functional.

Not being able to find anything I liked without having to pay a leg and an arm I complained to a co worker of mine a few weeks ago. She mentioned that perhaps I should consider a smaller bag that I could put inside my regular bags and hence get the protection the camera needs as well as nice looking bag.

Of course this would mean that I would have to make it myself. And though I love crafts, sewing is something I am really really bad at. What to do? Ask a friend! :D I have the most awesome friend called Anneli who agreed to help me out. She is a woman who can do everything. And I really mean it. From beautiful greeting cards, to yummy cakes, to gowns, to [insert anything here]. So I got the fabric and the padding and gave her a sketch of what I had in mind and this is what she came up with:




Is it not beautiful? It fits beautifully inside several of my hand bags and the Nikon fits snugly and comfortably inside. I am so happy with it and so greatful to my dear friend Anneli.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fantastic blog tip

If you have never visited the Paislee Press blog you should go there right now! Her designs, scrapbooks and everything else are absolutely fantastic. So inspiring for me and exactly the style that I like to do for my non scrapbook projects but can't seem to get right when it comes to digi scrap.

Anyway, go there!

New layouts

Just thought I'd post a couple of new layouts.

(Credits: Paper: mterasawa-groovyboy-dots by Mindy TerasawaElements: mterasawa-webchallenge-feb3 (recoloured) by Mindy Terasawa, ArtWHSE_InteractiveLoveCircles-15 by ArtWareHouse, AVictoria-cupcakeprincess-sequin-green (recoloured) by Andrea Victoria, KPertiet_StaplePair by Katie PertietFont: Impact, KellyPhoto: Linda Roos)

(Credits: Papers: AVictoria-cupcakeprincess-paper-2 (recoloured) by Andrea Victoria, lynng-crisp-4 by Lynn Grieveson, mterasawa-groovyboy-tan (recoloured) by Mindy Terasawa, JEdwards_SweetestThingSolids4 by Jesse EdwardsElements: KPertiet_Ad51108, KPertiet_SandedOverlay, KPertiet_Stitching all by Katie PertietFonts: Century Gothic, Ma SexyPhoto: Linda Roos)

Of CK fame

Ok, so perhaps not so much but to my astonishment I was sent an email by my friend Liv with a scan of a page from the August edition of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Lo and behold, my name was there! Look:


Is that not the coolest? CK is by many considered to be the best scrapbooking magazine out there. And my layouts caught their eye? Wow!

I am so chuffed right now.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Look at my productive self

Don't know what has flown into me lately because I have layouts flying out of my ears at the moment. Guess I need to make up for not doing any for months and months, lol.

(Credits:Paper: mterasawa-march13-olids by Mindy Terasawa, KPertiet_FreshBotanicalsNo2-3, KPertiet_Swirled-4 both by Katie PertietFrame: KPertiet_AdChallenge120907 by Katie Pertiet Other: KPertiet_MessyStitches_Brown, KPertiet_StaplePair both by Katie Pertiet, AVictoria-cupcakeprincess-sequin-green (recoloured) by Andrea Victoria Font: CK Alis Writing Photo: Linda Roos)

A thing of beauty
(Credits: Papers: KHM-AdChalFree-111107-Purple by Kellie Mize (recoloured), KPertiet_FairyDreamer-8 by Katie Pertiet Elements: KPertiet_LedgerEdgesDirty-6 by Katie Pertiet, AASPN_QuoteChallenge20Apr2008 by Anna Aspnes
Photo: Linda Roos)

(Credits: Scraplift of Kayleigh’s “Baby Abi” Paper: KPertiet_FreshBotanicalsNo2-7 by Katie Pertiet, dz-retrogrunge-paper7 by Dana Zarling, mterasawa-asianflair-paper5, mterasawa-asianflair-paper6 by Mindy Terasawa Elements: KPertiet_PhotoboothFrames-15, KP_StitchedJournallingStrips-3, KPertiet_MessyStitches_Brown, KPertiet_StampedMoments_photos, KPertiet_StaplePair by Katie Pertiet, mterasawa-asianflair-ribbon1, mterasawa-asianflair-digiflower by Mindy Terasawa, AASPN_SimpleTorn3_3 by Anna Aspnes Font: CK Ali's Writing Photo: Linda Roos)

Monday, 7 July 2008

Barbecue Invitation

So my project, you know the one that was interrupted by printer woes, is finished and every single one was sent out today.

The project was an invitation for a garden barbecue party (look forward to party decorations in mid August). Theme colours are green, baby blue and navy which I think is perfect for summer.

I did the backing paper by printing on matte photo paper and then added the little booklet in smooth satin paper with all the info printed inside. The booklet is held together by a ribbon. Not seen on the photos is the glossy paper on the backside of the backing paper (had to cover up the back of the photo paper of course). I used three different ribbons because I just couldn't decide which one I liked best. A good compromise I think. I was planning on lining the white envelopes they were sent in but was late to a date night at the cinema with my husband. I am trying to just let that go, lol!

OK, enough talk. Let's do pics.




(Credits: Brush used on the backing paper is by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals. Barbecue dingbat is from Istockphoto)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Shock full of layouts

Thought it was time to get updated on my digi scrap work. These are the ones I have made lately.

You have my heart
(Credits: mterasawa-march13-olids (recoloured) by Mindy Terasawa, KPertiet_FairyDreamer-8 by Katie Pertiet, KPertiet_BotanistNo7-2 by Katie PertietDetail: AVictoria-cupcakeprincess-fastner-beige by Andera Victoria, KHM-BlueCardAlpha-e by Kellie Mize, KPertiet_StaplePair by Katie Pertiet, AVictoria-cupcakeprincess-button-1 by Andrea Victoria, KPertiet_WhiteStitching by Katie Pertiet, KPertiet_LedgerEdgesDirty-3, KPertiet_ScrapPinkNoteStrip by Katie Pertiet, KPertiet_Together_You by Katie Pertiet, mterasawa-groovyboy-thickstitch-3 by Mindy Terasawa, mterasawa-groovyboy-starpatch-2 by Mindy TerasawaFont:Another TypewriterPhoto:Linda Roos)

You are precious
(Credits: mterasawa-march13-olids, mterasawa-groovyboy-stripes, mterasawa-groovyboy-green, mterasawa-groovyboy-tan all by Mindy TerasawaDetail:KPertiet_AdLayeredT9207_text, KPertiet_LedgerEdgesDirty-6, KPertiet_StaplePair all by Katie PertietFont:Another Typewriter, CK Ali’s WritingPhoto:Linda Roos)

Boys just want to have fun
(Credits: Paper:JEdwards_AdChallenge4-20_argyle, JEdwards_SweetestThingSolids6 both by Jesse Edwards, KPertiet_ScrapPink-3, KPertiet_FairyDreamer-8 both by Katie Pertiet (all papers recoloured)Detail:mterasawa-asianflair-gauzeplain, mterasawa-groovyboy-wordart both by Mindy Terasawa, ArtWHSE_InteractiveLoveCircles-25 by Art WarehouseFont: Century GothicPhoto: Linda Roos)

(Credits: Paper: KPertiet_FreshBotanicalsNo2-7 by Katie PertietButterfly from: KPertiet_FreshBotanicalsNo2-1 by Katie Pertiet (extracted and recoloured)Fonts: Sidewalk and Century GothicPhotos: Linda Roos)

In other news I am back on track with the printing. I had a few serious talks with the husband and he graciously agreed to let me get an Epson large format printer. Thank you! It was bought, installed, and tried out on Thursday. I will be posting my project tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Things are not going my way at the moment

So the other night I started the printing for the nearly finished project I was referring to in my last post. I was all chuffed with myself that I was actually doing something before the very last night, not having to crunch into the wee hours of the night. Yeah. That was until the colour cartridge ran out. After three printed pages.

OK today. I was back on track with a new cartridge. I remove the thing, slide the new one in place, and close the lid. Error message. Sigh. I open it up and do it again. Five times. Not better. I call for the dear husband. He does the same thing. Five times. Not better. A thing falls out of the cartridge holder. I reach for the Internet to check out prices of newer, shinier, better printers. Like Epson. Curse bloody HP! (Yeah, and their customer service blows too!)

So. I guess I will be crunching in the wee hours of the night anyway in the coming future. But first I need to get me a new printer. And someone in my circle of friends and family who would want a brand spanking new HP colour cartridge for a five year old printer that is no longer sold anywhere. Wish me luck!