Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Things are not going my way at the moment

So the other night I started the printing for the nearly finished project I was referring to in my last post. I was all chuffed with myself that I was actually doing something before the very last night, not having to crunch into the wee hours of the night. Yeah. That was until the colour cartridge ran out. After three printed pages.

OK today. I was back on track with a new cartridge. I remove the thing, slide the new one in place, and close the lid. Error message. Sigh. I open it up and do it again. Five times. Not better. I call for the dear husband. He does the same thing. Five times. Not better. A thing falls out of the cartridge holder. I reach for the Internet to check out prices of newer, shinier, better printers. Like Epson. Curse bloody HP! (Yeah, and their customer service blows too!)

So. I guess I will be crunching in the wee hours of the night anyway in the coming future. But first I need to get me a new printer. And someone in my circle of friends and family who would want a brand spanking new HP colour cartridge for a five year old printer that is no longer sold anywhere. Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh man! I really hate it when stuff like this happens! Good luck!