Sunday, 24 August 2008

Working hard

Hey everyone! Don't think I am ignoring the blog, I am hard at work going through the 1000+ photos from our trip so that I can start scrapping them and hopefully make a book of the pages. I am thinking of using Shutterfly for it. I have used their services before, and with great satisfaction, but never for a scrapbook. If you have not checked them out before then do so. They ship worldwide so even if you're not in the US you are good to go.

I have a couple of projects that I've done ready to upload and post so I will try to get to that in the coming days.

I will be back again soon with pictures to get things all pretty and fun around here again! Until then, take care!


  1. I just finished my first scrapbook with them. I didn't get it yet, but I liked the preview. Katie's templates are really nice for that, especially when you have so many pictures!

  2. klart du ska komma och hälsa på!! :D skolan börjar på måndag, yay! haha. jobbar från söndag till måndag så lycka till.. haha :) ses på lördag!

  3. Hi Linda;
    I haven't popped in for ages - been working on reCREATE. All work and no play makes me a dull girl though. What beautiful cards you made below!