Sunday, 26 October 2008

Italia book finished

I finally finished the book! For a while there I thought this day would never happen, lol, but it did. Yay!

If you are interested in seeing the finished product just follow this link to

If anyone knows of some secret coupon code to Shutterfly, then please, do direct me to where it can be found because damn, this book will be expensive!

I am thinking that maybe I should do a photo cover instead ... but I dig the leather cover. I think it looks classy and sleak. And you know that is what I aspire for. Thoughts and opinions are very welcome.


  1. Your book is wonderful. I love the classy look it has.

  2. Your book looks fantastic, what a beautiful momento of your trip.

  3. Linda, your book is awesome! Your style just shines through ... it is understated and elegant. I love it! You rock! I think the leather cover is the way to go - you won't be sorry. You photography is wonderful, and you really capture the essence of Italy, and the memorable trip you had.