Monday, 13 October 2008

On Internet, Italy, and freebies

I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but I am still struggling with major Internet issues. It sucks big time. I have spent the last four days sans Internet. And what does that mean? Well, it's not all bad because I now have 50 pages finished of the Italy book. There is an end in sight! Although now I am starting to think that I should have done it differently, lol. Ain't no starting over though!

I had a freebie all ready for you but am waiting to hear back from a font creator before I can put it up. Don't want to do something illegal, right? So be patient my babies, hopefully it will come soon.

Now I'm just hoping this will actually post before the session times out. :o I will see you all soon again I hope.


  1. Not good news about the internet, but maybe that is what I need so I can be productive.

    Can't wait for you to share some more Italy pages.

  2. I too am curious about your Italy book, I get so homesick for the darn place at times. Hopefully your internet woes will resolve soon

  3. Ciao amore! Che giorno.. Sono arrivata in Svezia, ma la mia valigia è ancora in aeroporto lì =( By the way.. fick reda på tentaresultetet idag, fick bäst i klassen. Blev sjukt glad trots att det varit en jävla skitdag. Vad har hänt med ert Internet? Mille baci

  4. I find I get most done when I'm not lost all over the information superhighway myself. ;)

    How did we ever live without the internet before?

    btw: I saw your LO in the magazine - I loudly announced in Barnes & Noble (to no one and everyone) that you were featured. So proud. :D

  5. I'm guessing you weren't given permission by the font creator to give out the wordart. It came up when I was reading your blog in my reader and I LOVE IT, but when I went to download it says link invalid - then I read the next post and figured it out. Love your blog. :) Bummed 'cause I loved the wordart! :(