Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Italy album ordered

I ordered our Italy book from Shutterfly today. It is scheduled to arrive somewhere between Dec 10 and Dec 22. I just hope it will get here as soon as it possibly can! I cannot wait to see it!

Monday, 24 November 2008

December Photo of the Day

I did the "Photo of the Day" challenge in May where I took (at least) one photo every day and posted it on my blog. I really liked doing that; it challenged me to look at things differently and work to improve my photography. I am thinking that maybe I should do it again throughout December. The holiday month is always full of activity and photo ops so it should be the ideal month to break out the camera every day.

Anyone want to join me? For those doing Ali Edwards' "Daily December" this would would be a great help I think.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Below zero + snow = freebie

I came home from a work related trip late last night to find that winter had arrived in our part of the country. Most often our winters consist of heavy winds and rain (oh glorious joy - not) but yesterday everything was white and pretty. Just before I went to bed it started to snow again and it made me so happy (very stressed, but happy) that we've only got a little more than a month to go until Christmas is here.

So what better way to celebrate the beauty of snow than putting up a freebie paper kit for grabs? Yeah! I have created a little paper kit inspired by the traditional Christmas colours but presented in a more modern way. Each paper comes in two versions; one clean and one stone washed (remember those jeans we all wore in the 80s?).


If you like it you are very welcome to download it by clicking on this link.

I very much appreciate your comments so please leave on here or at 4shared if you download. Also please do make sure to read the TOU and follow them. I would love to see your work with my products so don't hesitate to link me up if you use them!

I'm off on a weekend of creativity with two different gettogethers in two days. I will certainly make sure to have lots of fun! Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see you soon again.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Party decor update

So I came back to life after getting hit by that cold at the beginning of the week and was able to get everything together for the party I was asked to decorate on Saturday. There was some last minute shopping panic when I couldn't find the perfect paper napkins but it worked out ok in the end. Somehow it usually does. The colour theme was brown and lime green. I decided to keep the green a little subdued which I think was a good decision. The finished deal looked very sophisticated and classy.

I used brown table cloths that I aldready had and bought a green silk fabric that had a beautiful brown velvet pattern to create a runner across the length of the table.

I found brown paper napkins that had a gold/copperish flourish pattern that went well with the rest of the stuff. I made little cards that said welcome that was placed on each plate. The cards were made up of brown cardstock cut with a scalloped scissor and strips of textured green paper. The word was hand written and cut out in the same green paper. The hosting couple had their initials in brown on their cards.

I covered the square vases, also in my stash, with strips of green scrapbook paper and stretch lace and found the cute little green buds in a local flower shop. I think they went perfectly with the theme.

The green candles have a string of brown suede tied around them to match the softness of the velvet on the runner and I used clear votive holders (again, in my stash - I bought 50 of them for our wedding 7 years ago and they have come in handy so many times since then) to enhance the warm feeling of candle light. To pick up on the glare of the candles I used copper glass beads and green and brown sequins scattered on the silk runner.


I am so pleased with the outcome and it all worked so well with the room the party was held in as it is decorated in brown, tan, and green. A little of the fabulous wallpaper can be seen above in the top photo. The hosts were extremely happy with my work and I was asked to do another party in the near future by some guests. Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Party decor + a freebie first

I know I have been scarce this past week but I've been hit with illnesses which have left me feeling all but interested in spending time on the Internet. First I had three days of killer migraines and now today I woke up with a bad cold that has a tight grip on the whole swallowing/breathing/hearing apparatus. Nice.

I have been asked to do the decor for a 35th birthday party on Saturday so I'm doing some research on that at the moment. Colour theme? Brown and lime green. Cool combo which I think will look smashing with stark white china. I will do a follow up post with how it turned out in a week or so.

But why I'm really here is because I have created my first ever freebie paper kit and I'm offering it up to you! It's a little out of my usual style but I like the warmth and cozyness of burgundy and gold together so that is the colours for this little mini kit. I hope you like it!


You can find the download link by clicking here!

Please, if you download, leave me a message, and please do remember to follow my Terms of Use. If you use any of my products I would love it if you linked me up! Thanks!

Now I'm off to cure the cold. See you all soon again!

Monday, 3 November 2008

A weekend shot

On our way out to a photo shoot this weekend I snapped this one real quick and it turned out to be my favourite of them all. Funny how it can be sometimes.