Saturday, 27 December 2008

POTD - December 17 to 25

Oups! I fell behind a little with posting my POTDs. I have been good and taken photos like planned but with everything going on with Christmas it has just fallen down on my to do list. :) But here we go!

2008-12-17, Wednesday
I was working on wrapping our Christmas gifts and I really loved the colours of the ribbons all jumbled up on the table.

2008-12-18, Thursday
We were planning on what to serve a few days later when my dad, his wife, and my brother were invited to dinner. We had a bunch of cook books out and I was lazy that day and snapped a pic of them.

2008-12-19, Friday
This was the first day I cheated all month. I was so tired from a bad cold that day and just couldn't bring myself to do anything. So this photo was actually taken on Saturday. My mum and I made some Christmas sweets. This is a marzipan pig dipped in chocolate. My favourite thing to make around Christmas, lol.

2008-12-20, Saturday
Also from our treat session. We made ginger bread and it all went very well until I was to decorate them. I accidentally cut off too much of the bag and the icing just spilled out. So they didn't turn out as pretty as I would have wanted. They still tasted good though.

2008-12-21, Sunday
My dad's wife made these little Santa girls for me last year.

2008-12-21, 4 Advent
Another ornament in our tree.

2008-12-22, Monday
A small Santa decoration at my mum's place. I think it's cute and unusual.

2008-12-23, Tuesday
We had my dad, his wife, and my brother over for dinner (such a yummy one too) and here's the table all set and ready for some action. I will, by the way, make a separate post about some festive table scapes on Sunday.

2008-12-24, Wednesday
Christmas Eve! This is my sister and her new fiancé. They got engaged on Christmas Eve. Naturally they had to be the focus of my photographic attention. I just love how beautiful they are together.

2008-12-25, Thursday
After dragging my feet all day I took out the camera very late and took some pictures of the tree when the room was all dark. I love the twinkle the lights get in the dark.

Whew, that was it. Just a couple more days to go this month!


  1. Linda, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, sharing it with your family and friends. It's special to share this time with those that we love and care about.

    Your photos are great. I can't help but agree with you about falling a little behind with them (I did too!!). Oh, and congratulations on the 150 blog posts! Yihaa!

    Thanks for the brush too. I've downloaded it! You're very kind for sharing it with us all.