Thursday, 28 February 2008

Wonderful memories

(Credits:Paper: SweetestThingSolids9 by Jesse Edwards
Overlay: KPertiet_TransGridLayeredT-1 by Katie Pertiet
Word Art: Memories Quotation by Summer Driggs
Photos: Linda Roos)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Really simple beauty

Wordart: Doubletake_word_brushes_beautiful by Mary Ann Wise
Photo: Linda Roos)

Monday, 25 February 2008

Another layout named happiness

Stuck on repeat? Well, actually I made both the last layout and this one for a course challenge. What can I say, I'm an over achiever.


I will come back with credits for the last couple of LOs. I promise.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


(Credits: Paper: Cupcakeprincess-paper-8 by Andrea Victoria, His Monday Attire_paper5 by Jen Wilson
Overlay: FreshlyWornNo3-1 by Katie Pertiet
Elements: Messy Stitches Bworn by Katie Pertiet, One Haute Momma alpha by Jen Wilson, LedgerEdgesDirty-6 by Katie Pertiet, Blank tag from Daydreams kit by Gina Cabrera
Font: Another typewriter
Photo: Linda Roos)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Beautiful works of art on a small square

While searching online for business card links for a friend I came across this Flickr group completely devoted to creative and beautiful business cards. I just had to post the link here. Do check it out. You will find yourself inspired.

Flickr business cards pool

Oh, and the joys of Flickr!

Recreate logo

My first commercial creative work was made for a non profit organisation concentrating on providing donated art supplies to schools and families. The challenge was to create a logo that mirrored the environmental aspect of the endeavour as well as conveying a young and trendy artistic feel. I created a few suggestions and Donna, the the woman behind this initiative, chose one of them. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this. I am so immensly proud that something I created will be associated with such an important and good cause. And I am so proud that my suggestion was chosen.

The logo

The recreate website.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Blog finds

I love finding great blogs to read. If they have beautiful pictures I get extra happy. My apetite for visual beauty seems to b insatiable at times.

I have found two blogs that I like a lot lately and thought I'd share the links with anyone that is interested.

I confess. I love weddings. I still get the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I love looking at table scapes, stationary, flowers and I love getting little party ideas. For this reason I squealed when I stumbled on Married & More with Michelle.

Jennifer Johner has a great blog with beautiful pictures and a bit of scrapping too. I get very inspired looking at her photography.

Do feel free to give suggestions in your comments on other great blogs that you feel the world needs to know about.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Window decor

Last week I was inspired by the beautiful home photos from Flickr that I posted about and shot a couple of photos of our own home. Some of them are featured in this quickie laout.
(Credits: Template: Template_19 by Yin
Papers: Home Away from Home by Jessica Sprague
Fonts: Bleeding Cowboys and Century Gothic
Photos: Linda Roos)

Friday, 15 February 2008

To journal or not to journal

First off, I just realised I forgot to write out the journaling of the layout in my last post. What an airhead thing to do, as it was pretty much the most important thing in that layout. *tsk tsk*

So here's the deal. The LO is based on my names, Linda Marie, and has one word that tells a fact about me for each letter of those names. You will feel a little confused when you read it because the letters will not match the words all the time. The reason for this is because I wrote it in my mother tongue, which is Swedish, and have had translate it into English. So I ask for your forgiveness for that.

L is for the love of life I feel when I am around the people I love. I is
for my intuition that I always trust. N is for the careful attention I always
feel forced to apply to everything I do. D is for the slipped disc I have had
two times too many in my life. A is for how different I feel sometimes. M is for
migraine that torments me. A is for responsible which I have been for as long as
I can remember. R is for rose which is one of my favourite flowers. I is for
infertility that changed my life plans in a both bad and good way. E is for
Ellie that is my pet name by my darling Bumbi.

Heck, for my Swedish readers, here is the original journaling.

L är för den livsglädje jag känner när jag är med dem jag älskar. I är för
min intuition som jag litar på i alla lägen. N är för den noggrannhet som jag
känner jag måste tillämpa jämt och ständigt. D är för diskbråck som jag har haft
två gånger för mycket i mitt liv. A är för hur annorlunda jag känner mig ibland.
M är för migrän som plågar mig. A är för ansvarsfull vilket jag varit så länge
jag kan minnas. R är för rosor som är en av mina favoritblommor. I är för
infertilitet som ändrade mina livsplaner på gott och ont. E är för Ellie vilket
jag kallas av min älskade lilla Bumbi.

Speaking of journaling, this girl I know has written quite the excellent post about journaling on your scrapbooking layouts. Check out Liv's blog.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Hating to post and run but with six hours until I have to go to work anything else is pretty much out of the question.

Today I'm offering up a photoless layout. Reason being that the LO is about me and since I am usually behind the camera rather than in front of it there are not all that many photos of me that I would be comfortable showing the world, lol. So here we go. Linda Marie /that's me by the way) defined.

(Credits: Template: Tortuga template 11 by Kellie Mize
Papers: FairyDreamer-8 by Katie Pertiet, Webpapers102107 by Katie Pertiet, Paper5_hismondayattire by Jen Wilson, (blue paper is unknown - sorry)
Elements: Brownstitching by Katie Pertiet
Fonts: Sloop Script, Times New Roman, Century Gothic)

Friday, 8 February 2008

Rockin' the ball

You just have to see the pictures that Yumsugar took at the sneakpeak of what the decor of the governor's ball on Oscar night will look like. It's gaudy, and overdone, and blinged out, but oh so fabulous. As a lover of over the top table decors, I can't help but share this link! Don't miss the red glasses and the hanging blown glass balls in the ceiling. Wow.

House photography

OK, so I confess, I love looking at other people's photos of their homes. I think it's the inner interior designer in me just busting to come out and play. Instead of redecorating our own home every two months or so I find it a great outlet to roam the internet for good photos. Through a scrapbooking blog I stumbled upon a fantastic Flickr group brimming full of beautiful homes.

Check out the group Creative People at Home.

I was so inspired by the photos that I think I will shoot a couple of our home over the weekend. I haven't really done that since we moved here in October of 2006. If anyone feels up to it, please feel free to do the same and link me up here.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Baby's christening card

The person I am doing this for has not actually seen the finished product yet so I certainly hope she is fine with me posting this. :D

I am so in love with this card. The papers are just so fantastic, separate and together, the adorable little blue pearls look like sweets, and who can resist babies anyway? The green and white cardstock has a pearly sheen that is really pretty. I decided to print the photo with a slight sepia tone to match the stripes on the paper.

The lighting was a more than a little less than perfect so please excuse the pictures not being stellar.





Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dangerously delish

Everyone needs a treat now and then, even Weight Watcher gold members, lol. Unfortunately for me the treats need to be in the shape of a photo most of the time nowadays.

Sorry! Out for publication! Please check back soon!
(Credits: Paper: FairyDreamer_8 by Katie PertietElements: OntheEdgeFlourishes2-1G by Katie Pertiet, OntheEdgeFlourishes3-6G by Katie Pertiet, Unadorned_grid by kSharonk, lynng_web_freebie by Lynn GrievesonFont: DearJoefourPhotos: Linda Roos)

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post my latest paper project. I am a ditz and ran out of photo paper or it would have been finished today. Do check back because I dare say it's a good one, y'all!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Every Saturday there is a scraplift challenge at Designer Digitals. They are always fabulous but I rarely have the time to sit down and join in. The other week this layout was featured as the one to lift.

Here is my version. Very simple and minimal to let the photos stand out. They were taken in January of 2007 right before a big storm hit. We braved the weather, went to the beach, and shot a whole lot of really good pictures.

(Credits: Font is Susie's Hand, Photos by Linda Roos)

Monday, 4 February 2008

My dark side

Oh yeah. I have one too. I am usually a high spirited and positive person but there is something in my life that is dark and difficult and painful. I made a layout about it.
(Credits:Paper: Navy copy by Heather Ann Meltzer
Elements: Distressed diva distressed edge by Trish Jones, ShabbyBorders1_shabbylines by Shabby Princess
Font: Susie's Hand
Photo: Linda Roos)

After living with it for ten years now you would think that I should have learned to live with suffering from severe migraine attacks. Granted I have learned not to let it scare me anymore but it is still difficult to get through the days that consist of double vision, throwing up, and wanting someone to cut off my head because it just hurts too damn much.

In other news I am working on
1. A card for a little baby boy's christening that needs to be finished this week.
2. A logo for a friend's new endeavour.
3. An invitation for a 60th birthday party that doesn't have to be finished in ages yet but the birthday boy wanted some suggestions.
4. Trying to find time to do some digi scrap challenges. Good luck to myself with that, lol.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Choc shock

There has been some talk about my table setting pictures from New Years Eve. Now here is something you really have to see. Talk about table setting! Who wouldn't just love to be able to sit down at this table?
Feast your eyes on this!

Hostess with the mostess is one of my favourite reads. There is always something pretty to look at and so much to be inspired by. Be sure to add this to your favourites if you are into party planning and pretty things in general.

Challenging myself in digi

Lately I have been spending more and more time on my digi scrap layouts. Most of that time is spent choosing papers and elements only to end up removing them anyway. So I gave myself the challenge of making a layout within 30 minutes.

I have to laugh at myself because even though I did spend just under 30 minutes on this layout, most of those precious minutes were spent choosing a frame and a font. So in the end I had to go with a super simple design to make the deadline. Not a great success with regards to the challenge then.

(Credits: Paper: Colormatters Brownneutral01 by Lori Branhurst
Elements: DirtyFrames2a by Katie Pertiet, ModishBoy Clear Tape2 by Shabby Princess
Font: Maiandra GD Photo: Linda Roos)

A little friend

(Credits: Paper: Whitie Tighties by Amy Teets, His Monday Attire 5 by Jen Wilson, GraphNotepaper by Katie Pertiet
Elements: PaperRevealNo2_2 by Katie Pertiet, WebFrame111807 by Katie Pertiet, Run_a_bubble by Digitreats, Emerald_paperclip by Heather Ann Meltzer, One Haute Momma alpha by Jen Wilson
Font: DearJoefour
Photo: Linda Roos)