Thursday, 15 May 2008


Had a great day, once work was over with, with my husband today. We had ice cream at the beach, watched the ocean and international football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovich's house, toured the newest area of our town, and had a photography adventure on a deserted industrial lot where a building is falling apart. It was fun. We decided we need to do things like this more often.

I shot this photo right when we were leaving. The sign with the number stood out to me and I fell for it right away.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

POTD 13 & 14

Here we go again ... getting the hang of it by now, right? :)

May 13
The lilacs are in full bloom and have been for almost two weeks now. I am so baffled because I'm pretty sure they usually bloom around the time the schools end in the beginning of June. But they are very pretty.

May 14
Literally the only photo I shot today. It was taken in the supermarket in the fruits and veggies section. The lighting was horrible which gave for a terrible original photo. So this isn't exactly my best photo ever, but it will have to do.

Monday, 12 May 2008


My baby sister is graduating from high school in less than a month. I made the invites for the celebration that went out today. The theme of the party is the colours of the Italian flag so the invite mirrors that. They all went out today.



POTD 10-12

Lots of photos in this post. :)

May 10
I had two photos as the photo of the day. I played tourist in my hometown after going paper shopping. The old part of town has great architecture so the photos for this day is a set of one of the buildings.


May 11
We attended my god daughter's 3rd birthday party on Sunday. She tried on one of our presents and loved it! I played around with layers and came up with two variations to the original. I'd love to hear what you think about them.



May 12
On my way back to the office from a meeting I passed a cemetary. One of the graves was decorated with lots of colourful flowers and there was a little bench at the edge. Despite being such a sad place that little area was filled with so much love. The lighting conditions were not ideal; it was noon and the sun was very harsh so there is a lot of burn out. But when I look at this photo I just see the love.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Anyone who knows me can attest to my life long love of ice cream. As a small child I would eat so much ice cream that my stomach would get so cold that I had to spend hours in the bathroom. LOL, I have learnt to restrain myself now but I still love it.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

POTD 5-8

I have been on a three day business trip, so the opportunity to take lots of fancy photos was a bit limited. I did keep up with the challenge though. Quite chuffed with that.

May 5
Detail of a tractor in the building site next to our neighbourhood.

May 6
Taken from the flight on the first day of my business trip. The weather was beautiful and I could not resist to snap a few photos through the window.

May 7
On our way back to the hotel after dinner last night my coworker needed a coffee fix. I only got a few shots of the place.

May 8
I took this literally as I walked through the front door as I came home from my business trip. I thought it was my last chance for a photo today.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

POTD 3 and 4

Here we go with the Photos for May 3 and 4. The first one is of my adorable godson. He is just 11 years old but is already a heartbreaker. Those eyes melt my heart.

This second one is of me wearing my Converse All Stars. I love these. They are comfortable and cool and make me remember the days when I was young and all I got to wear was knock offs, lol.

I am still working on those freebies. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Oh, and there might be a few freebies in the near future.

Just saying.

Photo a Day for May

So I jumped for the chance to participate in a challenge to take one photo every day in May. I have tried it before without success but I was never one to give up on a lost cause before so I thought I'd give it another chance. So far so good, lol, as I have two out of two. Score!

I will be posting the photos here throughout the month. Let's start with #1 and 2 right now.

May 1st
Taken from my mother's balcony. It is a lovely cherry tree. The blossoms completely cover the branches.

May 2nd
Taken on my way home from work. I am so surprised that the rapefields are in full bloom already. I thought that was supposed to happen in June? But it is a striking sight.

Digi In Deep - Week 4

Last week of DID was tough too due to a crazy situation at my work. But I finished all challenges save one.

This layout was designed by Jessica Sprague
A Perfect Match
(Credits: Papers: arockwell-mnb-hope-paper (1), arockwell-mnb-love-paper (7), arockwell-mnb-patience-paper,KPertiet_BotanistNo4-3Elements: AASPN_ChunkyTorn1, AASPN_TatteredPaper1_2Template, arockwell-mnb-hope-paperswirl, KPertiet_CountingTrashOV-4, KPertiet_GraphicPopEdgersNo2-3a, KPertiet_StoryboardNegs-2, Mwise_Romantics_Brush5 _loveyou, JSprague-SwirlyScanFonts: Marcelle Script, You Are Loved, Century Gothic)
I finished this after a 13 hour workday. I was seeing double as I stumbled to bed.

Digi proud
(Credits: Template: DolphinlvrPapers: Linda RoosElements: KPertiet_MessyStitches_Brown, Scratch splat grunge brush my mbabicFonts: Sidewalk, Century Gothic, WMDesigns1 (splatter)Photo: Linda Roos)

(Credits: PAPERS: KPertiet_FreshBotanicalsNo2-2 by Katie Pertiet, mterasawa-groovyboy-blue, mterasawa-groovyboy-stripes by Mindy Terasawa ELEMENTS: AVictoria-cupcakeprincess-sequin-green by Andrea Victoria, KPertiet_MessyStitches_Brown by Katie Pertiet FONT: Retro Rock Poster PHOTO: Linda Roos)

Digi In Deep - Week 3

Week three was a very busy week for me and I did not get to finish all the challenges throughout the week. I did finish the two assignments that followed with the week lesson.
This LO was designed by Jessica Sprague
(Credits: KPertiet_Notebook-8, KPertiet_PhotoboothFrames-15, KP_StitchedJournallingStrips-3, KPertiet_GrungyClusters-5g all by Katie Pertiet, JS-ScallopCircle, JSprague_BeautifulEvidenceAlpha both by Jessica Sprague, NRJ_PDQ_PATTERN2 by Nancy Rowe Janitz, fingerprint by LJonezy, font is VT Portale Remington, globe photo from google, All other photos by Linda Roos.)
Journaling: I hope that I will always be able to see the good in life, give as much love as I recieve, and learn from my mistakes.

Second assignment was to add on to the layout so that it became a double pager.
(Credits: Same as above)
I added a picture of me with my camera, what I want (roses), what I wear (shoes), what I long for (Christmas) and what I need (chocolate and my husband). I added two strips at the bottom that say: I am loyal, dutiful, open-hearted, cheery. I have opinions, principles, cold feet, warm heart. Oh, and in the brown squares it says: Age: 34, woman, lover, house owner, wife, realist, minimalist, big sister, myself.