Tuesday, 20 January 2009

6 interesting things about me - a game of tag

I just discovered that my friend Kylee tagged me today. I am asked to write six things that are interesting about me, and then I get to ask five friends to do the same on their blog.

To be completely honest, I am not a real big fan of tagging games. I am also a private person in the sense that I am hesitant to share personal things online. But for you, Kylee, I will do it today. ;)

Let's see, are there indeed six things about me that are interesting?
  1. I keep my three (!) closets organized after a strict and thoroughly thought through scheme; after, in descending order, type of clothing, colour, size. I go through them to straighten everything every week when I put in the fresh laundry.
  2. I claimed, with a passion, for 32 years that I hated beetroots (despite never having tasted one). Then my husband forced me to try baked beetroots with goat's cheese and I discovered that I loved it. Funny how things can be.
  3. I love red wine but cannot drink it since it gives me terrible migraines. And I have enough of them as it is.
  4. I used to be a terrible photographer who cut off people's heads and always produced a blurry photo. I never wanted to even hold a camera. The introduction of digital cameras changed my mind. What a fantastic change for me!
  5. If I was offered a job as an event planner I would take it in a heartbeat.
  6. I have the books in my bookshelf stacked according to colour and size rather than alphabetically. I just could not stand how cluttered it looked.

Ha! I bet there was something you wouldn't have guessed about me? No?

OK, so to the tagging business, I um, I'm going to be a saint and say:
Anyone who feels like it, please feel free to do so. If you do not, then you are officially off the hook. Good enough compromise? LOL.


  1. Thanks for tagging Linda. I agree with you my dear friend - not a fan of the tag, but I played along anyway. I wish you could come to my place and organise my closet like that! How good would that be?

  2. Oh you two are just like me ... I don't usually forward those obnoxious e-mails that promise you prosperity if you do, etc...
    However, the 6-interesting-things was just a little www game and it was a relief that it was only six items, no?
    thanks for playing!

  3. Your 6 facts were just as I'd imagined you to be. :) Sorry about the migraines, man. I get them too, and they're no walk in the park.

  4. hmm, den där bokgrejen gör jag också... Mycket mycket mycket snyggare. haha. Första veckan på jobb snart avklarad. Den har varit bra, men mycket info. Ses imorgon hjärtat. puss/fridan