Sunday, 25 January 2009

Project 52, week 4

It's time again for that weekly photo project post. This week I have been really bad about taking the camera out. I have worked like a madwoman and then come home to a house in a complete state of chaos (painters finished on Friday afternoon). So apart from some snapshots of my family last night this photo is literally the only photo I have take all week. I am trying to not let it phase me though. There are 48 more weeks this year to improve and do better.

#4, 2009
An orchid in our kitchen window. I couldn't be further from having success with plats and flowers, so all but one plant in our house are fake, including this one. It is so well done that my sister almost watered it while house sitting for us this past summer, lol.

In other news there might be some really exciting projects in my future. They are still just figments of my imagination but I am hoping I will be able to do at least some of my ideas this spring. So hopefully I will have some stuff to share here soon.

I'm still working on that paper kit I promised and I think I will be able to put it up here tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thanks so much everyone for the sweet comments you have left me in my posts and at 4shared. Know that it is greatly appreciated.


  1. Wow, this flower really does look real! Your photo is magnificent. The colour is perfect and the composition is wonderful. I love it.