Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Does anyone know what is the biggest size I can have my photos on this blog without cutting them off?

I know I could use a different blog template, but I like this one. I just want my photos to be a little bigger and the default "medium" size at Photobucket is too small for my liking.



  1. For a landscape photo, you should be able to use 1024x683, and for a portrait a 683x1024. If you use windows live writer, you can preview it before you post it, so you know if it looks right. Hope that helps.

  2. I was going to mention Windows Live Writer as well. I just discovered myself that I can change the size of the pictures I post on my blog. It's a free program. I'll bet if you Google it, you'll find the link.

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. 1024 is too big for the template I am using. The outer wrapper of the template is 660px so it has to be smaller than that.

    But I will check out Window Live Writer. Thank you!

  4. Linda--I don't know if you got your answer to this or not ...
    I'll try to succinctly tell you how I do mine and maybe it will give you some clue as to how to do yours!
    I should first tell you that I write my blogs in Word--there's a blog template there. I'm running Vista, as well.
    First, I went to my blog provider's help menu! Then, but trial and error, I found that if I resize my photos to 4 inches after I pull them into Word that it is just perfect. No counting pixels! I've also messed around with how large two photos side-by-side should be, etc...
    My aunt uses livewriter and loves it ... I wasn't crazy about it. Probably just because I already have my system!
    Don't know if that helps at all...