Sunday, 8 March 2009

Project 52, week 10

I have so much to post about here. I need to answer the questions y'all have asked me, I have some photos of a dinner party to share, and a brag post about my husband's beautiful art. But I think I will start with Project 52 and this week's shot.

#10, 2009
My BIL and SIL had tulips with them when they arrived last night for dinner. I love the crispness of tulips and was ever so delighted. I got a few shots and I especially like this one.

I used Pioneer Woman's action "Seventies" and burned the edges a little. I think I can remember there being tulips in the 70s (I was just a wee little lass back then) as well so I guess it's not all wrong, lol.

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  1. I LOVE this tulip photo. and I think the effect of the 70s action is beautiful. I haven't used PioneerWoman's actions because I'm only running PSE6. I also have loved what I've learned from the editing class at ... I'm getting great results from what I learned in that class.
    Yes, I'm sure tulips were present in the 70s and I'm sure none of them were recorded quite as gloriously as yours.