Sunday, 29 March 2009

A sweet little project 52 and a sign of spring

This week's photo for Project 52 is a sweet little thing. My good boy Buster with his velvet ears and puppy eyes that are impossible to resist. I don't see him nearly enough to fill the ear- and belly rub need I have, lol.

#13, 2009

And another thing that happened this week was that my mum came over with a sure sign of spring, flowers. They look a little sad because I think I waited a little too long before I planted them but I can report that they are picking up nicely.

You bunch of pansies! (A shout out to anyone who gets the film reference)

I hope you all have had a good weekend? I spent a good deal of it redoing our office to better suit my needs for storage and order. I might be sharing a few photos a little later.

Now, off to work on some wedding invites.


  1. Oh Linda ... I'm in love with Buster! He's adorable! Don't the animals in our lives become one of the family ... we couldn't be without them.

    Make sure you post photos of your 're-done' office - I'd love to see them and get some ideas - that's my next project, my office!

  2. I've missed catching up with you since my computer went down about 10 days ago! I'm using a loaner right now with high hopes of a new system soon ... At least, I'm back on track, though!! Your photos are looking great, by the way, and I loved the ones of your Sunday dinner.