Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I promised myself to never get to the point where I was stressed out about not updating this lil ol blog of mine. Still, here I am, feeling guilty for not posting about everything that has been going on lately. I owe several weeks of Project 52 photos, I have a bunch of handmade cards to show, and some other stuff. I also wanted to talk about the daily challenges that I co host at the Jessica Sprague forum. Hey, if you are a scrapper, and you still haven't joined, there is still plenty of time. Each day for the month of June a new challenge is posted so head on over and check it out.

Now, the reason why I've been so bad at posting? Well, I work a lot. My real life job is really intense at the moment and it needs a lot of energy from me. Also, with work for birthdays, confirmations, graduations, and a few photo books I have been asked to do, my nights and weekends have been pretty full. There has also been an unusual amount of health issues lately. As you might remember I suffer from migraines and for about a month or two I have had more attacks than usual. But enough about that. I'd rather not talk, let alone think, about it.

So now you know. Although I am not making excuses I thought I owed those of you who have so kindly asked if I am ok to explain the situation. Hopefully I will be back into full swing of things really soon.

Much love to you all!


  1. I HAVE been missing you, but since I see you on the Spraground, I've known that has been demanding some of your time.
    Sorry to hear about your migraines, though. That is so hard to deal with on top of a demanding job and all the fun stuff you like to do! I hope you feel back to normal soon ...

  2. Thank you for the update. With all you've got going on, it's no wonder you don't have time for the blog right now. So sorry to hear about your having migraines. Not fun on top of all your other commitments.

    No stress about the blog...I'll look forward to seeing what you can share when things settle down. Hugs!

  3. Linda, I have missed you. I completely relate to you regarding the work commitments and finding time for everything else we love to do... I'm in the same boat! Don't stress too much about the blog... we still visit anyway!

    Sorry to hear about the migraines, and hope you are able to control them, so you can get on with the 'good stuff'!

    Look after yourself, my dear friend.

  4. Woman, you need to take care of yourself, okay? You poor thing. I'm a migraine sufferer myself, so I can empathize. They were really bad two months ago when I had too many things going on.

    (You want me to tell hubby to whisk you away on a romantic, RELAXING retreat?)